Sky High Dream Smell Proof Stash Box with Combination Lock - Odorless Portable Storage Case for Accessories - Includes Easy Grip Handle, Storage Jar and Tube, Tray, Resealable Bag, and More


THE ULTIMATE STASH BOX: The Sky High Stash Box has everything you need - optimal storage, a range of accessories, & pad-locked security - ensuring that your items are safely stored & protected. 



OVERVIEW: Simple, sleek design perfect for maintaining privacy. The hand strap makes it easy to carry anywhere. Our stash box is airtight & 100% odor-proof. The exterior has Shock Resistance, Scratch Resistance, Structural Strength, & Excellent Temperature Performance. The egg-foam padded roof distributes weight & airflow evenly, keeping your items fresh & protected from damage. 

  • Durable Storage Box: Made of premium quality ABS plastic, our storage stash box is scratch resistant and shock absorbent, keeping your personal items protected. Includes a 7.9 oz storage jar, 4.5” long storage tube, tray, resealable zip lock bag, and more!


  • Smell Proof & Humidity Control: Our portable storage case is airtight and 100% odor-proof. The egg-foam padded interior has a humidity control tab on the roof. This helps distribute weight and airflow evenly, ensuring that your contents stay fresh.


  • Secured with Padlock: Our smell proof box is designed with double latches and a lock tab to ensure your box remains discreet. The padlock allows you to create a 3-digit combination so that only you will be able to get inside the storage pouch, keeping out snooping kids and animals.


  • Giftable Set: Our black, unisex, smell proof box makes a great gift for anyone looking to privately store valuables, medication, oils, herbs, coffee, and more. With ample storage room inside, our odor proof storage box is perfect for both men and women.


  • Great for Travel: With an easy-grab silicone handle, compact design, and secure lock, our storage container is ideal for travel. The sleek and simple design makes it perfect for maintaining privacy on the go. Measures approx. 8.25” L x 5.5” W x 4” H.


  • UPC: 817496029879

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